Friday, February 5, 2010

Serbia can’t have both NATO and Kosovo

This is according to Russian Ambassador Aleksandr Konuzin, who spoke for Belgrade-based Ekonomist magazine, in an interview published on its website.

Konuzin also supported the idea that there should be a referendum on NATO, and explained that Russia's relations with other countries are affected by whether those countries are members of the Western military alliance.

“NATO has a fairly determined position on Kosovo, and if you are joining an organization that considers Kosovo and independent state, that means you share that position,” said Russia’s top diplomatic envoy in Belgrade.

Konuzin also said that it will be up to Serbia to decide on whether to join NATO, and that there should be no outside intervention.

He supported the opinion voiced by Parliament Speaker Slavica Đukić-Dejanović and SPC Patriarch Irinej that the people should have their say on the country’s possible NATO membership.

“In 1999, NATO bombed the entire country, and each family has its own stance on what the position toward this organization should be. This organization considers that the situation in Kosovo is already stable and is scaling down KFOR’s presence, while the existence of these forces is not in line with Resolution 1244,” said Konuzin, and concluded, “naïve people have faith in NATO.”

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