Friday, February 5, 2010

The Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency

Here are the top stories in Kosovo’s main newspapers. Balkan Insight has not verified the reports and cannot vouch for their accuracy.

According to the director of US National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, Kosovo and Bosnia represent the biggest security challenges in Europe.
The Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency warns of more arrests similar to those made in the Mitrovica case, in which four persons were taken into custody for misuse of public money.

Minister of Economy Ahmet Shala claimed that 50 per cent of Kosovo’s highway construction will be financed from the government’s budget and 50 per cent by loans. Economy experts suggest using the money from the privatisation process in Kosovo, funds which are currently blocked.
After eight hours of discussions, the minister of interior, Zenun Pajaziti, and the director of Kosovo police, Sheremet Ahmeti, could not convince policemen to abandon their strike. Policemen are asking for an increase salary.

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